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How to open ECU Bosch MED17 to read with Ktag/Kess

obdexpress | 28 六月, 2018 17:54

This is how to open Bosch MED17 ECU:


Here: gpt med17 ECU model from Audi a1 1,4tfsi 2016.



The problem is that the board is clamped in the housing. After assembly, the unit is pressurized from both sides. If you look at the sides, you can see the place in which it is clamped in these places charge clamped body. If you try to pull the plug, it may damage the contacts. (They break off at the point of bending, while the output of the board.)


Here with photos attached, hope you guys find this helpful ... 









Kess v2 5.017 experience on med 17.5:

- I tested it worked, MED17.5.5 Audi A3 2.0T Sport 2012
read / write

- Vag med17.5 worked

- you can r/w if ecu is TC1766 (without tprot), if tc1767 only boot mode

- Golf GTI MK6 MY2011 works very well (ECU & DSG).

- Golf 7, This ecu cant be read OBD with Kess, you need to have file before from server etc.
You can read with Ktag, but ugly job to open ecu..




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Re: How to open ECU Bosch MED17 to read with Ktag/Kess

樂威壯 | 29/06/2018, 17:39


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